Underground Condos

The beauty of our underground condo type shelter is the flexibility of the design.

The bunker depicted above, is a modular hub and spoke design that can be highly customized. The individual units arranged around the center core can be fitted with the client’s personal needs in mind. The center core structure houses the common areas for general living space as well as all mechanical systems for the shelter such as electrical, environmental, systems, water, air filtration, central communications and surveillance. As mentioned, the modular units connected to the center core are designed and floor plans are arranged at the direction of the client. At CSB, we don’t believe in offering a, “one size fits all” approach when talking about a shelter of this scale. We will work with you in a very collaborative process to design the shelter that fits your needs perfectly.

As with all of our shelters, a secondary exit is included. As an option, we can install a hydraulic- boosted hatch to insure the hatch will open regardless of any debris or obstruction covering the hatch.

These shelters are designed and built to suit you our client and with complete confidentiality. Colorado Survival Bunkers uses no third party contractors and we own all of our heavy equipment. The location and details of your shelter will be held in absolute secrecy.

Please contact us for more information.


  • Colorado Survival Bunkers is honest and affordable!

    - Mrs. Jones

  • I was a little nervous about my decision because of the cost of the services. But thank God, everything turned out to be fine!

    - John Duchuvney

  • The service was very good and affordable. We feel very safe now!

    - Anthony Humbolt

  • This Company rocks. I can't believe they can provide such a service! Definetely, recommend.

    - Mike Salamon

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