Why Choose Colorado Survival Bunkers?

Our parent company, Tricon Industries, Inc. has been in business for 18 years and our team represents a level of expertise unmatched by others in the shelter business. Why? Tricon Industries has the resume others do not. We have completed many projects for the Department of Defense. Although we cannot go into the details of any of these facilities, we have been granted permission from the government to list a few of the larger projects that we have completed over the years:

  • Battle Command Center, Fort Carson, Colorado
  • Homeland Security Tactical Building and Bunker Complex, Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Buckley Air National Guard Helicopter Hangars and Aviation Support Building, Aurora, Colorado
  • Flight Wing Headquarters, Buckley AFB, Aurora, Colorado

What does this means to you the client? Confidence. With 18 years of construction experience behind us and smart, highly trained people in key positions, we can provide the kind of oversight and consulting you need to make your project a success.

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  • Colorado Survival Bunkers is honest and affordable!

    - Mrs. Jones

  • I was a little nervous about my decision because of the cost of the services. But thank God, everything turned out to be fine!

    - John Duchuvney

  • The service was very good and affordable. We feel very safe now!

    - Anthony Humbolt

  • This Company rocks. I can't believe they can provide such a service! Definetely, recommend.

    - Mike Salamon

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